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New Bible studies in 2017!


We offer a Bible Information Class between services. See brochure at:




















Starting January 22

Revelation teaches the same truths we have come to trust from the rest of the Bible. With over 500 biblical paraphrases and allusions, Revelation richly conveys the promises that are centered in Jesus. As the final book in the Bible, Revelation reminds us Jesus will make all things work out for the eternal glory of His people.




















Starting March 19

Idol worship. That means bowing down to stone statues or golden images of gods, right? No, we all worship something or someone every day. In doing so, we make people and things our gods. Join us in this study as we identify many present-day idols and become equipped by God’s Word to avoid falsely worshiping them.


We also offer Thursday morning Men’s Bible Study (6:00) and Mixed Group Bible Study (10:00).





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